“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

How I decided on Family and Senior Lifestyle Photography

A few years back I had my 30th Class Reunion.  I understand I don't look a day over 25 (ha!) but yes, I really did graduate in 1984.  Before the reunion I was perusing our yearbook, on the off chance I might forget someone's name (Who am I kidding?) and I noticed something.  I hated my graduation photo.  Not because it wasn't done at a professional lab, but because it truly said nothing about who I was, or am.  It was a blue background with me wearing little pearl earrings, and a round cuff collared shirt and a pink sweater.  I'll let you in on a little secret - the only time I dressed like that was for weddings or funerals (and only because I was told to).  Otherwise I lived in jeans.  And if I had had them back then, I would have worn cowboy boots too.  There is nothing better than a well worn pair of boots.

When I decided to pursue photography, I knew immediately what I did not want to do and that was replicate my senior photo (or for that matter my families family photos - they were just as boring!).  My favorite thing is to capture the personality of who I am photographing.  For what is a picture without showcasing the subject?  A portrait.  Portraits are nice, but can you look at them and say to yourself I really wish I could have been their friend; they look like they love to laugh and have fun?  I highly doubt it.

I strive to present images that show the fun, love, and laughter that is shared between families.  My goal is to capture a senior's originality, a child's passion, a mother's love and turn those moments into priceless memories.  I look for the fun moments, unexpected moments,  spontaneous moments like a little boy tossing the football into the air instead of looking at the camera.   I understand how uncomfortable so many people are with having their photograph taken.  It can be a vulnerable thing to put yourself up for display; however, within the first few moments of our session together, my love and passion for telling your story puts everyone at ease and what many were dreading at the beginning, ends with requests to do it again.  (Which by the way - I love repeat customers!)

Currently I live in Cushing, MN, where I have been for the past 10 years with my husband Rodney; my beloved mutt Harley; and our three cats (who I tolerate - they talk too much!). I love to have fun, to laugh, to make people smile, and I care about anyone and everyone that I meet.  In my spare time, when I am out chasing the light, I love gardening, taking motorcycle rides with my husband, traveling,  reading, camping, and being outdoors.  Harley and I are also working on becoming certified for Search & Rescue.  We also like traveling to southeast Minnesota to visit our daughter and her family.



Photographer Myra J Horner
A family standing in a line making faces, laughing, and being silly

Two different family photo shoots in June - loved the pics. Just scheduled a bridal shower candid shoot for my brother & future sister-in-law. 

Lisa S.

Senior girl posing against a brick wall

Myra is awesome at what she does!!! We were very pleased with the work she did for my daughter's senior photos! 

Jodi M.

Senkor posing next to a stream for her graduation photo
Daughter, son, mother, and son standing on a bridge withi trees in background

We had so much fun doing our family photos with Myra! It was the most relaxing photo shoot I've ever had. My kids felt at ease while getting pictures taken, and they didn't hold back. Thanks so much!

Tracee C.

Six boys sitting on a park bench wearing Minnesota Viking jerseys holding footballs

Myra is fantastic! She did a “cousins” session with 3 of my boys and 3 of my nephews. She captured so many shots for us! She was so fun with them and so patient. I didn’t feel the need to apologize once for boys being boys. I should also mention that the youngest was just 3 months old and the oldest was 7. I highly recommend Myra! 

Lindsay M.

Six young boys wearing Kirk Cousins jerseys standing in a row
I look forward to meeting you and capturing your memories!