About me

Hi! My name is Myra…

… and I am a coffee addict, chocolate fiend, Honey Nut Cheerio connoisseur, horse lover, dog owner, search and rescue team volunteer, and a photographer. In no particular order. I often think I should enter some type of program that would help eliminate a few of my passions, however, I’ve decided instead to embrace and flaunt them!

I have always wanted to be a photographer. From the time my daughter was born I had an addiction to taking her photo. Of course that was because she was the cutest baby every born on this green earth!! A few years later I purchased my first digital camera. It was a Sony, with a large attached lens. It was huge and it was magnificent. It instilled in me a love for capturing moments that without a camera documenting them, might be gone forever.

Those are the moments I love to capture. When taking your photos, I am always looking for the real moments that tell your true family’s story. The loving smiles shining down on children; a husband whispering into his wife’s ear what caught his eye when he first met her. While I might suggest standing here or there, I want the end result to look like you were out taking a stroll and someone just happened to be carrying a really nice camera and managed to capture the perfect shot of you all. I take what could be an ordinary, boring hour, and turn it into a fun and memorable event that leaves everyone laughing and smiling.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. This is a very aggressive form of cancer, and has a high recurrence rate. What followed that diagnosis was an intense ten months of chemo, surgeries, and a strong realization that life really is too short to worry about whether or not your child is on their best behavior, or if they are simply stating their mood that day. Children do not scare me <insert a laughing face emoji here>. In fact, in my day job I am a preschool teacher working with kids from age 15 months to 5 years. I know they have days where they listen, and days were they don’t. My job as a photographer is to take away the stress of what they are doing, and let you enjoy the pampering of being told what to do, versus you telling everyone what to do. I jest! (Unless you want me to be bossy, and then I could try. But honestly I love having fun so much I truly don’t thing I could be that bossy when taking your photos!) I have learned that sometimes the best photos of young children are taken when they are distracted with other things… like playing on a swing set, or going down a slide. No matter, I will “git ‘r done”!

While going through treatment, I found I had a lot of attention on me, and a lot of offers of help and assistance from so many within our community. It was a hard concept for me to grasp – being in the spotlight. Well in that spotlight anyway! Looking back, I realize how essential that was to my journey and while a Senior graduating from high school is a much happier journey than battling cancer, the premise is the same.

Looking at my graduation photo (from 1984 gulp gulp), I really don’t see my personality or my individuality. In fact, look through the yearbook and 90% of the girls had the same pose. How does that embody the celebration of the student leaving their school home for the last time. Does that portray the fun, the hardships endured, the late night studying, the personalities developed over the last 18 years? My vision for a senior session is to celebrate their journey! To embrace who they are whether its sports, animals, grunge, you name it. I will get to know them and make sure when in the future they, and you, look back at that photo, the memory of who they were shines through.

To quote Karl Lagerfeld, “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Let me make sure your moments are not gone forever. Let’s go have some fun celebrating memories, and making new ones!

Ready to book? I hope so! I’m waiting for you!! Contact me!

Myra is awesome at what she does!!! We were very pleased with the work she did for my daughter’s senior photos! ~ Jodi M.

Six boys sitting on a park bench wearing Minnesota Viking jerseys holding footballs

Myra is fantastic! She did a “cousins” session with 3 of my boys and 3 of my nephews. She captured so many shots for us! She was so fun with them and so patient. I didn’t feel the need to apologize once for boys being boys. I should also mention that the youngest was just 3 months old and the oldest was 7. I highly recommend Myra! ~ Leslie M.

We had so much fun doing our family photos with Myra! It was the most relaxing photo shoot I’ve ever had. My kids felt at ease while getting pictures taken, and they didn’t hold back. Thanks so much! ~ Tracee C.