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Things be a changing – I am enough

Happy Valentines Day!  It is so hard to believe that it is the middle of February already.  I know this is so stereotypical, but seriously, where does the time go?
Life has been oddly hectic around here.  I’ve decided to do a few craft shows this year, and my first one is coming up in … YIKES!  One month!  I’ll be in St. Cloud at the Eagles Club on St. Patrick’s Day with some of my photos, my wooden signs, some crocheted and quilted items, and misc. other crafts.  I’m oddly excited and slightly stressed – but I’ll survive and whatever happens it’ll be a great learning experience.
Just like the weather outside is changing, this adventure is a huge change for me.  Pre-BC (breast cancer), I did not have the courage to try this.  I had a lot of self-doubt and a whole bunch of ‘why would anybody want to buy anything I make/create/design’?  Post-BC, okay, not going to lie…. I still have a lot of those thoughts.
The difference, the change is realizing what I am doing fills my soul in a way I never recognized before.  I LOVE sitting in my craft room and being creative.  I love planning out what I want my next sign to say; or trying something new like planting an herb garden in the mason jars.  Or using my circular saw, that my husband gave me for Christmas, after years of watching women (Nicole Curtis), and wish that I could do that.
The change is in recognizing that I can do all this.  The beauty is in recognizing that it does not matter if anyone else likes it or if no one wants to buy anything (OK – would I like, heck, love that?  Not going to lie – Absolutely!); it is enough that it brings ME joy.  The change is that I am enough and wanting to do something simply because I love to do it – well that’s enough too.
So on this day of love (and chocolate, which I have not yet seen!), this is my wish: that if you struggle with feeling you are enough, or you struggle with doing what you want just because you want – that this will change for you as it did for me.  We are enough.
Now, I’m off to keep bringing some spring colors in to my craft room and to silently cry as I try to figure out how to get everything done in less than a month!  HA!
Capture Life Kreatively – and love the one you are with….. YOU!!!

At 50 years old I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I am currently NED (no evidence of disease), and trying to spend every day reviewing the world through the new lens I wear as a breast cancer survivor.

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