• Left wrist, facing up, showing a pink ribbon in the shape of an 'S' with the word survivor behind it. Above it is a parentheses, a negative sign, a parentheses to the third indicating triple negative.
    Breast Cancer,  Life After Cancer

    My Tattoo. More than just ink

    The Pink Ribbon Tattoo was due for a touch-up.   Pretty strange considering when I was a kid, there were two things I swore I would never do.  The first was I was never going to take care of my parents the way my mom and dad had to take care of my mom’s parents.  Fast forward – I became my dad’s caregiver when it became too much for my mom. The second thing was I was never going to get a tattoo.  Fast forward to June 9, 2017 where you’ll find me sitting in the tattoo parlor preparing for my first – and only – the pink ribbon breast cancer…