• A person holding a wooden board with three small plants taken out of their pots
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    Words – Planting Positive Seeds for Life

    Words.  There has been a huge struggle with words happening for the past few days.  Heck… to be honest the past two weeks.  Writer’s Block is stretching it a bit far, because as you have probably figured, there are a bazillion topics I could totally reference to fill this page up with words. Yet with all those topics, and all the words that surround those topics, this page remained white.  A blank expanse of white… taunting me.  After all, how hard can it be to write a bunch of words down?  It’s just words.  They are readily available.  They easily flow right off the tip of one’s tongue.  Oftentimes without…

  • Photo of Minnehaha Falls at a slow shutter speed so the water looks like one solid stream. Sunlight is hitting the trees which frames the photo.
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    Summer Road Trip – Minnehaha Falls

    Summer road trip – Minnehaha Falls Before we explore Minnehaha Falls, I must apologize.  Well technically I don’t have to; however, considering I did not send out my blog post yesterday I probably should.  As my pre-planning skills are still a little behind since chemo infused my brain with all the “forget everything before you remember them” cells, I am currently writing this while sitting in a hotel in our lovely capital of the USA.  Yesterday was our travel day, and as we were traveling with Harley the service dog for the first time, life was a little chaotic.  Being service trained in a small rural town is wayyyy different…

  • Photography

    Photo Highlights of Meyer Graduation Session

    It is funny. One of the things I love the most about photography is the ability to tell someones story from my perspective. All the attention to details, lighting, pulling out who someone is – all within the span of an hour. Maybe 90 minutes. With that though comes a great sense of nervousness. At least with me, because a part of being a photographer is putting my emotions into my work and then sharing with all the world to see. Don’t get me wrong. I love it. That’s why I do it. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say every time I share a photo, I take a little…