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    Plan Pursuing (continued post: Achieving Dreams)

    Pursuing your plan.  As you’ll see it may not be as simple as you might think.  Thanks for coming back and best of luck as you continue working to make your dreams come true!! Download your FREE Kreatively Finding Your Dreams guide here! Working the Plan Oh, if this was as simple as it sounded, right?  Working the plan.  In a perfect world, we would sit down the night before and create our to-do list and when we woke up we would start at the top, work our way to the bottom and that night we would say, “Wow!  Look at everything I accomplished today.” News flash.  Life doesn’t work that…

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    Summer Road Trip – Minnehaha Falls

    Summer road trip – Minnehaha Falls Before we explore Minnehaha Falls, I must apologize.  Well technically I don’t have to; however, considering I did not send out my blog post yesterday I probably should.  As my pre-planning skills are still a little behind since chemo infused my brain with all the “forget everything before you remember them” cells, I am currently writing this while sitting in a hotel in our lovely capital of the USA.  Yesterday was our travel day, and as we were traveling with Harley the service dog for the first time, life was a little chaotic.  Being service trained in a small rural town is wayyyy different…

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    Hope Does Float

    Life has been chaotic and stressful around our house the last week or so.  As my husband is self-employed, transitioning from the winter, when work is not quite as abundant, to spring, when everybody wants to start their home improvement projects, can be exhausting (very similar to the weather in Minnesota – you know… if you don’t like the weather, or you don’t think you’ll be busy, wait five minutes and it’ll change). Add on to that somebody drove over our small trailer (yes, you read that right), and the riding lawn mower decided now that we need to use it, it’s not going to work.  Of course, it could…