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Photo of a little girl with brown hair, and a little boy with blonde hair, standing amidst the gift shop at Sioux Falls Butterfly Sanctuary asking if they an buy an item.

Because whether we like it or not, the Christmas season is coming, and because I’m pretty sure every parent has seen this look before, I just had to share this photo.  

But now that I have your attention, have you started thinking about your Christmas list?  It’s never to early!!

Luckily for you, my Etsy Store is starting to get stocked again for the holiday season.  Digital photographs that you can either download or yourself or contact me for ordering prints through a professional printer; homemade quilts, apron sets, table runners, crocheted pot holders, custom made signs and t-shits just to name a few.  You never know what we might have in there next.

Most products are made, ready to go, and can be mailed out within 3-5 business days.  Custom made products do require an additional few days but can usually be mailed out within 5-7 days.

If you do stop by the Etsy Store be sure to favorite my shop, and if you’ve purchased something feel free to leave a review!

Until next time, capture life kreatively!


At 50 years old I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I am currently NED (no evidence of disease), and trying to spend every day reviewing the world through the new lens I wear as a breast cancer survivor.


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