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My Childhood Can Now Be Found in an Antique Store

So to start with, yes, you read that right.  This year on our trip to Texas, I realized that all the items I see in antique stores, are the items I remember in grandma and grandpa’s house, or even in ours, while growing up.  That was a pretty bitter pill to swallow.  Because I am, after all, only twenty-something.  Or was it thirty-something?  I can’t remember.
Anyhoo, I have also been meaning to share my blogging process.  It’s a long and lengthy one, but I’ll condense it here for your attention span’s sake…. I sit down and write.  I can truthfully tell you that most days I have absolutely no idea what I am going to blog about.  I guess that’s where the looking at life through my eyes comes in to play.  I mean I know there are certain things I want to blog about – traveling, coping with life’s changes, how I see life, etc.  But to actually sit down and have a plan?  Yeah, so not me.  As in real life, I jump in with both feet, not really thinking first about what may happen until it’s too late, and come here to share what’s rumbling around in this cavern I call a brain.  Some days I probably make more sense than others.  But it’s always honest and it’s always me – for better or worse!
So this week I am continuing to introduce you to the lovely little town of Smithville, Texas.  Smithville’s Chamber of Commerce website proudly describes their city as “full of history”, “eclectic”, “charming”, and centrally located between the three metropolises of Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.  I wholeheartedly agree with the eclectic, charming, and historical aspect.  From the moment we exited the car, I was in love.  I do not know what draws me in more – the wide main street, the brick buildings, the gazebo that sits at the end of Main Street or what – but there was just something that made me feel as if I were home.  It also made me want to come back – or even stay there to explore even more.
Before heading there, our host had proclaimed that there was not much in Smithville, however, I am not so sure that is accurate.  When you look at the business listing on the Chamber’s website, there is definitely a wide variety.  Downtown was fitting to their city description; from the General Store, to Honey’s Cafe, to the Olde World Bakery, the Theater, the City Park, to the Antique Stores and so much more – it was a beautiful collection of charm and simplicity.
Our first stop was meandering through several antique stores.  Oh the history within those stores.  Did you know that prostitutes use to have to pay for a license?  And that there was one who was named “Tea Cup Sally” whose bosom was so great that they took her photo with two tea cups – one on each bosom?  I mean seriously – the things you learn!
I’ve come to love shopping in antique stores – mainly because of the displays.  It is like walking in to someone’s home, and admiring all their valued items.  The care and precision that goes in to designing the displays in the Smithville antique stores was fantastic – incredible even one might say.  One store used to be an old lawyer’s office with a huge wooden staircase in the middle of the building.  The woodwork and attention to detail in how the wood was laid, was out of this world – and definitely not something you see as much these days.
Wandering through one store, I stumbled across a bookcase, with books haphazardly stacked, strewn, grouped, and organized – because of course the shelf I was looking at was all cookbooks and y’all know me and how I feel about food!  Well maybe you don’t, but that again is another post – no time to divulge just how much I love food in this post.  And yet again I digress!
This display of cookbooks all jumbled about on the bookshelf, was a little to close to home for comfort.  For some reason it reminded me of life where some days, there is no rhyme or reason, it’s all kiddy-whampus, and I have no idea what might drop when I take my next step.  Luckily, just around the corner are jars filled with marbles, all lined up in even, straight, level rows and I realized just like that, the rhyme and reason returns.
Hubby and I could have spent much more time wandering through those stores than we did.   It was without a doubt, the perfect way to start our tour of this quaint and charming town.
But wait!  Our tour wasn’t finished!  Check back next week when I introduce you to The Olde World Bakery.  I wanted to move in there – and if I had agreed to wash dishes they would have let me!
Until next time … capture life kreatively!
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P.P.S.  Have you ever gone on vacation and just fell in love the moment you arrived?  Tell me about it!  Where was it?  What made you fall in love?  Leave me a comment for who knows – it just might be my next vacation spot.
Smithville Chamber of Commerce – visit here

At 50 years old I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I am currently NED (no evidence of disease), and trying to spend every day reviewing the world through the new lens I wear as a breast cancer survivor.


  • Brandy

    This trip sounds like a real blast from the past!! I love the images in this post… wow! It’s so true that our childhoods are now found in antique stores SMH… where’d the time go?! I actually visited Chicago in 2004 for Lollapalooza and INSTANTLY fell in love with the city… specifically Millenium park and surrounding area. It’s beautiful and active and walkable and fresh and delicious and unique. Love it!

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