Looking Through a Child’s Eyes

Awhile back, I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with a couple cutie patooties and capture them on camera.  Even the simple things of climbing up and going down a slide, became a grand adventure.  Hanging upside was a moment for “take a picture, take a picture”!  And then celebrating afterwards with “Lemme see, lemme see”!  And those special little sighs under their breath of “ahhh cute”.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I’ll tell you again.  If you ever need a change of attitude, stop and reflect on how a child views the world.  It’s full of adventure, and excitement, and the great unknown.  They jump in with both feet, and embrace life as is.  We definitely could all learn to view the world through a child’s eyes!

Until next time, capture life kreatively!


At 50 years old I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. I am currently NED (no evidence of disease), and trying to spend every day reviewing the world through the new lens I wear as a breast cancer survivor.

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