Blonde haired little boy sitting on beach wearing red shirt Little boy wearing a football helmet backwards with yellow shirt Group of 6 young boys wearing Vikings Quarterback Cousins jersey

Taking children’s photos can be challenging and very hard on the parents!  🙂  Yet, they are a favorite of mine to do.  I absolutely adore the randomness as they play; the glances here and there, tossing the football into the air, running away to burn off some energy, not listening and choosing what they want to do and when they want to do it.  Some of my best portraits are the ones where the parents are just mortified their child is behaving that way; and then they see the photo and appreciate what I see.  I walk away from those sessions full of energy and smiles as I remember the childish antics of our time together!

Six young boys wearing Kirk Cousins jerseys standing in a row

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