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    Plan Pursuing (continued post: Achieving Dreams)

    Pursuing your plan.  As you’ll see it may not be as simple as you might think.  Thanks for coming back and best of luck as you continue working to make your dreams come true!! Download your FREE Kreatively Finding Your Dreams guide here! Working the Plan Oh, if this was as simple as it sounded, right?  Working the plan.  In a perfect world, we would sit down the night before and create our to-do list and when we woke up we would start at the top, work our way to the bottom and that night we would say, “Wow!  Look at everything I accomplished today.” News flash.  Life doesn’t work that…

  • Everyday Life,  Life,  Life After Cancer

    Making All Your Dreams Come True Can Be Done

    Dreams are often overlooked as something that we will get to.  A project for when we have time.  Something to sustain us while going through a rough time.  When life isn’t so crazy… or chaotic. However, I had a bit of a revelation this morning as I sat down to write (and I  apologize in advance because this is a lengthy one, but if you stick with me until the end I am positive you’ll understand why and that you’ll agree it was worth your time!).  It’s been a couple of weeks, and I was going to start this out with some blasé comment about how crazy and chaotic life…