My name is Myra J Horner, and I am a children’s, family, and senior Lifestyle Photographer residing in Cushing, Minnesota (right in the middle of the Brainerd Lakes Area!).

Capturing life’s everyday moments simply & naturally.

What I love the most about being a lifestyle photographer is looking for the natural, sweet, and forgotten moments that are happening at any given moment in a day. The light touch to the small of a spouse’s back, a soft nuzzle between mom and child, the loud burst of laughter as dad tickles his son – those are the moments that bring smiles, and perhaps tears, as you remember those priceless, fleeting, memories. My photos are simple yet mature, vibrant yet quiet, serious yet full of laughter and pleasure.

My photography captures the session you envision with creative use of light, beautiful locations, and a lot of sass, humor, and pizzazz. My goal is to make our time together something everyone enjoys – even the kids! (I’ve even had husbands say it wasn’t the worst time ever; high praise I do believe! LOL)

We’ll start as strangers, we’ll end as friends. Together we will find the perfect location to create timeless photos and a lifetime of memories.

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